Google’s GSuite (Gmail for Business), is more cost effective than free webmail. No, that’s not a typo, let me explain.

Email services are expensive to run. Considering the advanced hardware and software needed to process emails. Think of the highly qualified support teams required to look after the service. And we won’t even start with the security measures needed…just imagine the complexity.

So if Webmail is free, how can your provider offer you the reliable email service you need? The truth is, that they can’t. Webmail is an inferior product.

Think of the most important email you’ve sent today. What would it cost you if that email was marked as spam, or even worse not delivered? Far more than GSuite’s $6 p/m at a guess.

Secure your businesses main method of communication, with a cost effective email service. Upgrade to GSuite for peace of mind, with an email service that won’t cost you in the long run.

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