I wanted to share a powerful suggestion with you. It’s a (simple!) quick fix, but it will help you retain the positive business reputation that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

We’ve found recently that emails sent via some websites contact forms, are being marked as spam. You’re right – this is not news, it’s actually quite common, but not after you’ve already marked the sender as safe… now we’re in murky water.

After marking as email sender as “Not Spam”, you would expect all future emails from this person (or in this case, website) to be nestled neatly in your Inbox. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

I’ve helped a number of clients in the last few weeks with this exact issue. The main issue here, is that important requests were going unnoticed for days… You can imagine the type of marketing message this sends to prospective clients.

So how can this be true? Why would safe senders emails be marked as spam?

The cause of this apparent sabotage is coming from email servers. But, before you turn on your favourite email provider, know that these updates are usually focused on your security. They are actually trying to help.

As spammers design more creative ways to sneak into our inboxes, it’s our email providers responsibility to stop them.

So, how do you keep the spam email down and the new leads up?

Check your spam folder, and do it often. Don’t wait until you you receive a complaint – by this stage, it’s often too late. Consider the message this sends to prospective clients.

Instead, simply schedule a repeating reminder to do it on a regular basis. Your business processes and dependency on email will dictate how often you should check, but whether it’s once a month or once a day, make sure you (and all other members of your team) get it done.

It’s a 2 minute job, but it could save you thousands.

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