Living in lovely Wanaka means that there’s no where else we’d rather be, right? Right. Well, except for this weekend…

On our Sunday morning, in Kona on The Big Island of Hawaii, the cannon for the 2015 Ironman World Championship will sound, and qualifying Wanaka athletes, Mike Johnston and John Gordon will be in the thick of it.

The standard Ironman race distance consists of a 3.86 km ocean swim, 180.25 km road ride and finally, a 42.2 km marathon. Not enough? The Ironman corporation didn’t think it was, so located their annual World Championship in the hottest venue they could find. Think of running in a sauna (top shelf!). With the sun beating down on your back. And feeling the heat from the tar through your shoes with every step…

Mike and John are a pair of dedicated, capable and motivated Kiwi boys and we’re all just so proud , and excited for the opportunity that they’ve created. We can’t be there to cheer them on, and hand out the obligatory high 5’s, trash talk and absolutely anything else that keeps them on track, but will be watching the race closely throughout the day, and yelling at the TV regardless.

Good luck guys!

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