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The Southern Sojourn Web Design & Branding


The World Association of Flower Arrangers (WAFA) choose a different country each year, to host their world show. The show itself is a spectacular representation of how natural, and man made materials, can be used to create floral art.

In 2023, the floral art world show will be hosted in New Zealand.

Participants, judges and spectators get involved from all around the world. To encourage this international participation, a seminar is held 2 years out. In 2021, the Southern Sojourn seminar will showcase New Zealand as a tourist destination to a select few. The invited delegates from all participating countries then return home to spread the word. They encourage competition entries, and holiday planning to team members, friends and colleagues.

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Bold NZ branding to set the tone

The WAFA NZ committee had a clear vision for the branding of the seminar, and prestigious show. Bold, clean and crisp. Something that would stand out from the feminine tendancies in the industry. A flexible structure to suit both the seminar as well as the world show. Timeless branding that would handle the full length of the event’s lifespan.

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Multi use NZ branding

The branding for WAFA NZ was setup to allow for the 2 events, the Southern Sojourn seminar and the Flora Aotearoa world show. Keeping the same structure for both had many benefits. This method reduces potential confusion, and increases brand recognition, while contriburing towards the events overall budget.

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A phased NZ web design

Our main goal was to increase awareness of the 2023 world show, for a sold out event. To do this, we needed to take it back a few steps. First up, our focus was solely on the Southern Sojourn seminar. Our strategry was to enable WAFA NZ to get maximum exposure to each country, via their the invited delegates.

The first phase of the website, branded as the Southern Sojourn, was aimed at easily sharing information with those invited. We needed to empower this key group with as much information as possible, to get their team members, friends and associates excited.

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Custom WordPress web design

WordPress websites are highly flexible. This made WordPress the obvious choice for WAFA NZ, considering the phased releases and new functionality that will be introduced next year.

The Southern Sojourn does not require online sales, but the world show will, so this functionality has already been accounted for behind the scenes.

With a custom WordPress website, businesses can have the best of both worlds: a unique web design, built on a platform that’s easy to use and cost effective.

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Secure online registration & payment with Stripe Connect

The seminar has a set number of spaces, shared amongst all participating countries. Private registration and online payment for this event was setup on the WordPress website. We chose the Stripe Connect payment infrastructure for these payments.

The second phase of the website will also use Stripe Connect for online event ticket sales.

Improved SEO & security with an SSL

The Southern Sojourn is securing their visitors data through the use of an SSL Certificate (https instead of http).

Since Google is now rewarding companies that put their customers safety first, SSL’s now contribure towards SEO scores too.

Mobile friendly WordPress web design

The custom web design for the Southern Sojourn, is naturally mobile friendly. Google gives mobile friendly websites more sway, so it goes without saying, that a responsive site is essential for success. This custom WordPress web design operates seamlessly, across all devices and supported browsers.



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