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Southern Cross Litigation Finance offers litigation funding services to Australians. Headed up by Kevin O’Connor, Kevin explains litigation funding as an arrangement whereby a third party agrees to pay all or part of a claimant’s legal fees.

Kevin’s new business venture required an online presence, as a starting point, to allow those in need to get in touch.

Branding first

Branding should always come first. Once a business owner is clear on their goals, values and ideal target market, this needs to be turned into a symbol that clearly displays their objectives. But branding isn’t only about logos, it’s about how you talk to your clients, the voice you use in your website content, how you hire people – it’s behind every decision made in a business, from day one.

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A simple landing page for a complex business

Once Southern Cross Litigation Finance’s branding was signed off, we started on the landing page.

The SCLF landing page needed to be simple, and easy to use, decluttering a complex process.

The web design included 2 simple forms, for general enquiries as well as requests for FAQs.

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