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Queenstown Web Design for ActiveQT


Active QT have a solid reputation for putting on adventurous triathlons and running events in Queenstown, and somehow booking the perfect weather each time. You’re guaranteed a good time, a tough race and fantastic spot prizes at the end.


Having regularly participated in Adrian’s events, our team acted as the ideal use case for creating an optimal user journey, and tackling some of Active QT’s target market requirements with ease. The biggest challenge was finding a way to communicate the immense amount of content in a structured way. Once resolved, the logic was extended through to the booking system, so that the form changed on the fly, depending on users input.

Phancybox are an official sponsor of some of Active QT’s races, including the Lake Hayes Half Triathlon – come and join us on one of Adrian’s events, for some Queenstown fun, whether it’s your first 5km or a grueling ultra marathon, there really is something for everyone.

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