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Body Balance Massage is owned and operated by Louise Conway, a masseuse with magic hands. Lou’s been in the industry for years, and trust me, it shows.

Lou is a runner, cyclist and multi-sporter, so it’s only natural that she gravitates towards working with athletes. She does how ever also help expecting mums with pregnancy massage, and locals with improving flexibility and movement.

Quick SquareSpace web design

The SquareSpace CMS was the perfect choice for Body Balance Massage. It’s quick and easy to setup, and Lou simply didn’t require all the bells and whistles that come with the WordPress CMS.

squarespace web design Body Balance Massage Phancybox SEO company

Increased visibility on Google

The website design for Body Balance Massage includes our SEO services by default. After all, a website can really only perform at 50% capacity, if no body knows it exists.

Effective SEO is the sum of hundreds of little actions, implemented individually, across every page on a website. Our SEO strategy included ways to help Louise appeal to her ideal clients, increasing online bookings and enquiries.

Body Balance Massage Noosa is now also securing their website, with an SSL certificate. Not only does this send a positive message to website users, but it also protects Louise’s customers and her website.

web design squarespace Phancybox SEO company Body Balance Massage

Mobile friendly web design

The SquareSpace web design for Body Balanace Massage, is of course, mobile friendly. It’s essential to have a responsive website, to ensure your customers have a positive experience with your brand, regardless of device type. As with all modern CMS’s, SquareSpace handle this automatically for you. Quickly, and easily.

Squarespace Web Design Phancybox SEO company Body Balance Massage

Judy and Nick from Phancybox have been amazing on every level. Right from the beginning they understood my design concept, and as such created my website very quickly. I was kept updated throughout the entire process and thrilled with the final product – highly recommend.
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