Web Hosting.

The best web hosting services offer complete peace of
mind. Fast, reliable and operating seamlessly in the background.


Managed web hosting for complete peace of mind.

The best website hosting service offers you complete peace of mind. It lets you focus on your business priorities, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Daily off site backups, managed software and security updates, direct access to our New Zealand website hosting team and state of the art hosting servers: it’s all taken care of.

No surprises, no risks, only reliable web hosting that keeps your doors open for business.

Fast web hosting increases your online sales.

Fast web hosting enhances your customer’s online shopping experience. It quickly answers your shopper’s questions, empowering them to make faster decisions. The best web hosting for your eCommerce website leads your customers through the purchasing process quickly, and smoothly.

High performing website hosting turns online shopping carts, into successful checkouts. And it encourages this to happen more often, at a much faster rate, increasing your sales and creating more opportunity for repeat business.

Improve your reputation with the best web hosting.

Exceptional web hosting offers your customers an enjoyable experience. It introduces them to your superior level of customer service, by delivering answers to their questions, instantly, any hour of the day.

The best web hosting leaves your visitors with a positive perception of your brand, regardless of their interaction. It associates your business name with great service, adding value and offering support when it’s needed. These are golden opportunities and so easily set in motion.

And changing hosting providers has never been easier.

SSL’s secure your clients & attract new ones simultaneously.

SSL certificates keep your website safe; your customer’s data secure, and generate a sense of trust when interacting with your brand. This extra level of web hosting security shows that you care, and introduces physical measures to back your efforts.

At the same time, Google actively reward secure websites with increased visibility online. An SSL certificate helps your existing customers, while helping you attract even more.

Switching web hosting providers is easy! And there’s no downtime.

Changing your website hosting to Phancybox is quick and easy. The on boarding process starts with a technical audit, to bring our team up to speed. The results eliminate risk, and ensure maximum performance on our hosting servers.

Your website will remain fully operational during the switch over, so it’s business as usual for you. 100% up time and zero surprises.

Nick Kensington, our technical lead, will personally carry out your web hosting migration. He manages the Phancybox servers with the greatest of care, and a dash of speed. Speak to Nick directly today.

World class email services for reliable delivery.

GSuite (Google’s Gmail for Business) lets you experience the most reliable email services in the world. It offers exceptional security, reduced spam and assurance that your emails are reaching the intended recipients, every time.

Changing to Google’s email program is a straightforward process. Keep your company email addresses, historical emails and folders, while using the Gmail program that you already know and love.


What is web hosting and do I need it?

Web hosting provides a home for your website, in the form of a server (a really powerful computer). The server is the location that holds all of the files, code, images, video and text that make up your website. Every website requires website hosting in order to function, so it’s a mandatory requirements for any website.

Why should I avoid the large scale cheap hosting services?

Because cheap web hosting will cost you, a lot, in the long run. Web hosting is made up of a number of parts, you’ve got state of the art the servers (plural as you need offsite backups too) and all of their components, the costly software that these servers use, a physical location to store them, developers to build them, manage them and apply changes to them.  These resources don’t come cheap, so how can these companies afford to offer all of these services for $5 per month?  They can’t. They usually just omit the odd essential here and there. Unfortunately most people don’t know enough about web hosting to realise the risks. The biggest concern is around software updates – they’re applied as blanket updates, across all of their clients, with zero consideration around the compatibility with your unique website, leading to downtime, glaring errors or long term damage to your SEO. With web hosting, you really get what you pay for.

My website is regularly down, is this normal?

No, your website should be accessible when your clients expect it to be – 24/7. If you’re experiencing regular downtime, consider migrating elsewhere to reduce the negative signals this sends to prospective clients. Migrating is quick and easy.

Can I move my web hosting to Phancybox?

Yes, web hosting migrations are quick and easy. We will check the integrity of your website before setting up a copy on our servers for testing. Once complete, we simply tell your domain name to stop looking at your old server, and to look at ours instead. Let us know if we can help.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is most commonly used as a website address, or URL. For example, the Visit Auckland’s domain name is aucklandnz.com and the University of Auckland’s domain is auckland.ac.nz. Like web hosting, all website require a domain name to function.

Will my domain name choice impact my SEO?

Domain name’s themselves don’t directly impact your Google ranking factor, but they can contribute in a small way, to your overall SEO scores.

If I migrate my web hosting to Phancybox, do I need to move my domain name & email too?

No not necessarily, although most of our clients prefer to have everything under one roof. We host a number of websites who’s domain names and/or email are managed elsewhere – they do not need to live together, although domains and emails are usually tied together.

My email is unreliable and spammy, can you migrate me to Googles GSuite?

Yes of course, Googles email solution (Gsuite or Gmail for Business) is our preferred solution – it’s fast, reliable and comes with a collection of additional features like Google Drive (which we also love!).

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