Podio Partner

Discover Podio, a CRM that moulds to your business

Generally speaking, CRM’s and other Project Management software run off one flawed assumption – that your business operates in the same way as their product. But shouldn’t this logic be the other way around?

Podio think so, and so do we.

Instead of trying to squeeze your processes into a CRM, using the developers logic, names and ideas, Podio let you build your CRM around your business.

Imagine the possibilities…

Build your own CRM

This cloud based software lets you build your own, unique CRM. How many redundant or outdated spreadsheets are floating around your company?

Setup a WorkSpace instead, so that your data is centralised, always up to date and can have automated processes associated with it.

We have used Podio at Phancybox to manage our web projects for years and it’s still to date, one of our favourite pieces of software to work with. It’s actually fun creating your CRM, making commitment and buy in to a new system far easier.

Due to it’s flexibility, Podio is best seen in action.

Contact our New Zealand team to see if it is the right fit for you, or for a demo to have a sneak peak.

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