Google’s main objective is to connect people with data. They don’t favour web design companies like ours, or large powerful corporations. They want what’s best for you: a human being, searching for information.

So how can you use this simple logic to your advantage?

Well, Google is only a program. It has been designed to take your search request and match it with the most relevant web pages. Now while you can’t alter the search part of that process, what you can do, is help them understand your website better, so that they can reference your pages when they should.

By offering the information that Google needs, in the way that they need it, you offer clarity and direction and quite literally help their algorithm drive traffic to your website. And not just any traffic. Relevant traffic, from people interested in your products and services.

Having Google reference your website as the answer to someone’s question is not rocket science. But there is a science to it. And since they are constantly moving the goal posts, it’s a consistently moving target that requires ongoing efforts.

If you’re not getting results from Google’s search engine now, the chances are, that without applying any change, you’re not going to (here is a quick SEO test). And, if you are making changes to your website, how sure are you that your efforts are being explained to Google in the way that they’d expect?

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