Phancybox 7 Ways to increase your organic search via social media

7 Ways to increase your organic search via social media

Organic search is still the most powerful form of advertising online, so it’s important to ensure that all of your efforts are coordinated and focused on the same end goal.

Search Engine Journals, Erin Robbins O’Brien, breaks down 7 ways that you can increase your organic reach through your various social media channels:

1.       Identifying which keywords are already driving traffic to your site

2.       Identifying the corresponding content for those particular keywords

3.       Figuring out which keywords and content are performing well for your competitors

4.       Discovering peripheral competitors and understanding overlaps

5.       Tracking social engagement for content by groups

6.       Updating your content and social engagement to mirror your audience’s language

7.       To vary your content on your various social media channels

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Image Credits: Erin Robbins O’Brien

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