Phancybox NZ business doors are closed, but websites are always open

NZ business doors are closed, but websites are always open

While most NZ businesses are closed, it’s essential to remember that websites are always open.  During the CV19 restrictions, your website might be your only connection with new Kiwi customers and clients. So make sure that it’s a powerful one. There’s an opportunity here…

Use your time in lockdown to work on your business, instead of in it. If you’re like most NZ business owners, you’ll have a healthy to do list, with a guaranteed percentage dedicated to your website. Here are a few extra items to review alongside your existing list:

  • Replace the images on your website. Make sure they’re current, relevent and a true reflection of your business;
  • Update your portfolio of recent projects (and if you don’t have a section like this on your website, now’s the time to add one!);
  • Review your marketing message, make sure that you’re still appeaing to your ideal clients;
  • Check that the text throughout your website is accurate;
  • Remove unused images and files from your CMS (we offer unlimited hosting space, but some providers charge for space);
  • Add any new services or products that you now offer;
  • Check that you’re following Google’s current best practises like having an SSL, a mobile friendly website, unique SEO properties per page/product, fast hosting and quality content (i.e. +300 characters of helpful text per page);
  • Create video content to engage your visitors;
  • Add/remove/edit any team members, and while you’re at it, add a photo per team member to help create a connection with your visitors;
  • Update your social media banners, data and bios;
  • Update the fine print, from your T&C’s to your privacy policy;
  • Test that all of the forms on your website work;
  • Start to sell online if you don’t already (this is the perfect time!).

People still want to hire services like yours, and buy products like yours. And people still want to support you. So while we’re all in lockdown, support them how you can, by offering helpful information via your online presence.

And when your doors open to trade, which they will, you’ll be in the best possible position to succeed.

NZ business doors are closed, but websites are always open
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NZ business doors are closed, but websites are always open
While most NZ businesses are closed, remember that websites are always open. Now's the perfect time to work on your NZ business, instead of in it. Here's a list of updates to apply to your website while you're in lockdown.
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