Phancybox How to save an image from a website

How to save an image from a website

Have you ever needed to save an image that exists on another website? Perhaps you want to use a partners logo on your website, and link to their URL. Below are the steps that you can follow to achieve this, and why this method is better than others.

Why not just right click to save the image?

There are two reasons. Firstly, some websites are developed in a manner that prevents this. Secondly, web developers often upload larger versions of the image, even though you’re seeing a small version. Right clicking to save will save a file that’s the same dimensions as the one you can see, and often this is too small. The steps below will allow you to access the largest version of the image.

In Chrome, during step 4 below, you’ll sometimes notice when you hover over the image URL to save it, that it has 2 sets of dimensions. This is the indication that you’re seeing a smaller version of the one that exists. When you open the image to save it using the steps below, you’ll be saving the largest or natural dimensions of that image.

How to find the dimensions of an image on a website.

How to save images from websites in Chrome or IE

Each website browser does this slightly differently but the logic is always the same. Press F12 to access the developer tools and then use the inspect element to locate and save the file.

IMPORTANT: Before we dive into the steps that you can follow to save a JPG or other image from a website, you do need to be sure to avoid copyrighted images. While websites are open to the public, this does not mean that you can save and use a copyrighted image. And we certainly do not advocate this. It’s important to always enquire or request permission first, to avoid a negative outcome.



Now that you have the image you’re after, you can optimise it for SEO purposes, and upload it to your website. Phancybox covers all angles of SEO, every bit counts, including how your images are loaded onto your website. If you’re not getting the results you’d like from your online presence, contact our team to discuss an SEO strategy.

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