Phancybox Google Search Console bug re-sending verification emails

Google Search Console bug re-sending verification emails

On Friday, a number of Google Search Console users (previously Webmaster Tools), received re-verification emails to authorise users.

Since account managers themselves did not initiate these requests, there was room for concern.

Google have however since confirmed that this was a mistake. They have added that these emails can be safely ignored. Google’s John Mueller tweeted:

What did these emails look like?>

The emails in question were sent from the authorised Google Search Console Team’s email address. The email body stated “Google has identified that [email] has been added as an owner of [domain name].”

Example of the email sent via Google Search Consule to reverify new owner - Phancybox New Zealand Digital Agency in Wanaka

What was the actual cause?

Search Engine Land elaborated on the actual issue as follows:

“…the verification method became invalid for a large number of sites in Google Search Console, and then Google had to reverify those sites. So during that process, it resent verification notifications to those users.”

Do you need to do anything?

Google have advised to login to your Search Console and check your list of authorised users. This way you can confirm that all users in your list are in fact authorised, and no malicious activity has taken place. As a Phancybox client, this is something that you can leave up to us to monitor for you.

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