It’s really easy to convert a PNG image to a JPG. There are also so many ways to do this. We’ve listed the two quickest methods below, to help you convert your imagery.

Tip: JPG are ideal for websites because they’re more compressed than PNG. This means that they load faster. Fast loading pages are preferred by your visitors. And anything that’s preferred by your website users, is preferred by Google! So using JPG instead of PNG on your site, will actually improve your visibility online. And it’s so easy to do!

Use an Online Converter to convert a PNG to JPG

1. Go to the PNG to JPG converter website
2. Click Upload Files to choose your PNG image
3. When your PNG is uploaded and converted click Download and save the image to your computer.

How to convert a png image to a jpg Phancybox Web Design Auckland New Zealand Wanaka

Use Paintbrush (MAC) or Paint (Windows) to Convert a PNG to JPG

Yip, good old Microsoft Paint makes this change really easy! If you’re a MAC user, try Paintbrush (previously known as MacPaint).

  1. Simply open Paint or Paintbrush
  2. Open your PNG file
  3. Choose Save As from the menu and select JPG.

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